Hormel Foods Corporation Quality Control Technician - 3rd Shift in Sparta, Wisconsin


  • Must have high school diploma or equivalent

  • College degree in science discipline preferred

  • Laboratory experience preferred


  • Basic math skills -- addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, unit conversion, rounding, percentages

  • Basic computer skills -- basic typing and data entry, navigation and use of email/Lotus Notes, Excel spreadsheets, AS400 basics

  • Basic scientific skills -- understand units of measure (both metric and standard); how to use basic measuring devices; understand and follow aseptic technique


  • Inspect, sample, prepare and evaluate ingredients and components, intermediate products, and finished products for quality parameters in a safe, sanitary, and productive manner and report results.

  • Follow a prescribed procedure or testing method to complete a task or to obtain results and to compare those results to a specification and determine whether or not the results meet the specification.

  • Ability to put ingredients or finished product on hold and take off hold in AS400 system


  • Understand and follow all CFI and Customer policies and SOPs, Safety Rules, Standard Operating Procedures, Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Laboratory Practices, and Food and/or Dietary Supplement regulatory requirements (as applicable).

  • Maintain positive and professional working relationships with superiors and peers from all departments, and with Customers.

  • Assist in all other duties/projects as assigned by supervisor and/or management.

  • Keep all work areas neat, clean and orderly in compliance with cGMP standards.

  • Work in the QC capacity however qualifications, needs and work volume permit; i.e. work may not be confined to one production facility, area, or to one set shift.

  • Understand overall work flow for each area of responsibility.

  • Encourage, support, and champion QC requirements and GMPs


  • Sampling

  • Obtain receiving documentation and check against specification

  • Organize, prepare sampling materials

  • Verify lot numbers, label information

  • Locate materials to be sampled

  • Utilize aseptic sampling techniques

  • Collect required samples

  • Adequately seal and mark sampled materials and sample containers

  • Transport, sort, distribute samples

  • Compositing samples/sample preparation

  • Accurately identify samples to be composited for further testing

  • Verify lot numbers

  • Prepare necessary materials

  • Utilize aseptic sampling technique

  • Distribute composited samples for the appropriate testing

  • Autoclave operation

  • Understand autoclave operation and safety precautions

  • Prepare materials to be autoclaved

  • Properly load autoclave

  • Operate and document autoclave run

  • Unload and put materials away

  • Calibration/verification activities

  • Scales

  • Thermometers

  • Brix meters

  • pH meters

  • Thermocouples

  • Temperature Monitored Lab Equipment

  • Metal Detectors

  • Laboratory Methods/In-line testing

  • Flavor & visual comparison to control sample

  • Scorched particle/Visual

  • pH

  • Density

  • Dispersability

  • Titratable Acidity

  • Temperature measurements

  • Pull ups

  • Security

  • Torque

  • Tablet hardness

  • Weight measurements, net weight

  • Be able to read and understand the PPDR (Packaging Production Detail Report)

  • Maintain scoop inventory; check scoops in and out

  • Documentation

  • QC Holds -- Properly fill out non-conforming tags and send out to proper group via email; utilize the computerized inventory hold systems (AS400) to electronically hold materials.

  • Test results -- Accurately record testing results and any pertinent comments about the test on both handwritten documents/lab notebooks and electronically.

  • Calibration -- Accurately record at the frequency required, all calibration/verification information as required.

  • Equipment Inspection -- Microbiological and/or allergen testing - perform pre-operational swabs/sponges with supervision or assistance

  • On-line Packaging Inspection

  • Follow pick sheet and PPDR

  • Perform hourly line checks

  • Fill out required documentation correctly

  • Understand operation, verification, and use of metal detector equipment

  • Understand operation, verification, and use of Heuft/Filtec equipment

  • Obtain appropriate retain samples of product.

  • Training

  • Training is accomplished through reading and understanding SOPs, lab methods and with OJT

  • Periodic evaluation of progress shall be conducted by the supervisor to determine task proficiency, as required by FDA regulations. The employee is expected to progress through the listed tasks and demonstrate that proficiency is established in all tasks

Pay Rate - Based on experience

Shift Hours - 10pm-6am Sun-Thurs OT as necessary

Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled