Hormel Foods Corporation Sanitation Laborer - Burke in Nevada, Iowa

Starting pay $15.50/hour plus $1.00 shift differential

Hours: 11pm - 7am

Work Schedule: Will be required to work with the production lines from 11pm - 1:30am and then from 1:30am - 7am will be the normal sanitation schedule.  

Sanitation Duties: Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all production areas, including equipment, machinery, walls, floors and ceilings. Cleans up excess meat on floor by using squeegee or shovel; hoses down equipment and machinery with hot water hoses; applies foam to all surfaces in production areas; scrubs equipment and machinery; rinses foam from equipment and machinery; applies sanitizer and oil/air mixture to all surfaces; reads and understands chemical warnings; vacuums office area; mops floor of laboratory and break room; cleans receiving dock; cleans restrooms and restocks bathroom supplies; inspects own and others work; removes snow from CO2 machines; carries waste outside to trash bins; denatures inedible combos; disassembles equipment for cleaning purposes; reassembles equipment. 

Production Duties: This position involves packaging of meat. Employees will rotate between tasks as directed by the Production Line Supervisors. The individual is required to contribute to harmony in the workplace. Assembles boxes; places liners in boxes; stack boxes ; places bags or boxes under chute to catch meat; weights bag or box; sends bag or box down to be taped; tucks liner in box; folds flaps over and tapes it shut with tape gun; places finished boxes on pallet, utilizing proper palletizing pattern; knows and follows USDA guidelines and good manufacturing practices. 

Required Physical Activities: Standing, walking, scrubbing, climbing ladders, lifting, pushing, pulling, moving on hands and knees. Will handle high pressure hoses for long periods of time, climb in and under equipment and lift up to 80 pounds frequently. 

Equipment: Hot water hoses, sprayer nozzles, shovel, squeegee, scouring pads, cleaning chemicals, all production equipment, bump cap, ear plugs, hairnet, boots, white frock, gloves, bib coveralls, goggles. 

Environmental Conditions:  

  • Temperature: -10 to 100+ degrees 

  • Noise: up to 100 dBA 

  • Other: Exposed to dangerous and caustic chemicals. Exposure to CO2and mechanical and electrical hazards. Will work in a wet and slippery environment. 

Personal Qualifications

  • High school education: desirable, but not required.  

  • 6 months of consistent work history required 

  • Should have some mechanical ability and physical strength and endurance.

Burke Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or veteran status.